A Life less ordinary...

CarpLife Publications represents the angler living in the real world, juggling work and family commitments to squeeze what they can out of their angling time. Because carp fishing isn't a way of life. Carp fishing is something that adds value to your life. That, somehow, makes it better.

We're all afflicted to different degrees, but whether you manage one night a year or one hundred, you still share that innate passion we all have for carp fishing. Some will add to their big fish collection with impressive frequency: for others, it'll all be about those moments that will live in their memories forever, where finally it all came right.

CarpLife is for the angler with limited time who has to make that time count. It's somewhere to share the frustrations of not being there, and enjoy the moments when it all comes together.

We are already talking to some incredibly gifted anglers along with creative writers, designers, photographers and film-makers. It is our goal to make CarpLife Publications for every carp angler. No exclusions. No cliques. No nonsense.

We are for the angler on limited time, making the most of those precious hours on the bank. More importantly, it's about those same anglers – the ones chasing everything from a park lake warrior to a pressured water giant.

We recognise that some of the best anglers out there can easily slip under the radar. Well the radar just got wider. The net, much bigger.

It's about more than cult fishing tackle and  big fish. From countrymen who are the very essence of their surroundings, hunting on auto-pilot and instinct, to the dedicated tacticians, who manage their lack of time in inventive and increasingly impress ways, all in the name of catching more carp on a limited schedule.

After all, it's about more than just carp. It's about the surroundings, the flora, fauna or even the lack thereof. It's about that one place. Or one carp. The things that consume your thoughts all day, and then haunt your dreams all night. The goals, the ambitions – the itch you just have to scratch.

Using our collective years of publishing, design and photographic experience, we aim to deliver a high quality publication and website that keeps you coming back for more.